Arnie Bauer Spotlight: 2013 Buick Encore

2013 Buick EncoreThe new Buick Encore is a completely different looking car than you might expect from Buick. Choose the brilliant blue metallic color and you’ll really stand out. The front wheel drive Encore combines a hatchback and crossover into a sub-micro size. The body is a smooth and compact SUV. The car sits up high giving it a nice view of the road ahead. It delivers on spaciousness for 4 and has space for your things with 19 cubic feet of cargo space behind the back seating and 48 cubic feet with the seats folded down.
The Encore has some nice driving aids available to it. The forward collision alert is a nice feature which can help alert the driver when they may be following a vehicle too closely. The safety feature will visually alert and sound several high pitched beeps to warn the driver at speeds over 25MPH.  Another safety feature optional on the Encore is the Lane Departure Warning. These safety features can be adjusted and turned off, which will leave the driver happy with their personal preference. With a smooth, turbocharged 4 cylinder and about 25 MPG city and 33mpg on the highway, you can look cool driving this new Buick wherever you go.

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