2015 GMC Canyon Now Ideal for Families

2015 gmc canyonThe new 2015 GMC Canyon is General Motors’ most recent push to make a mid-size truck more family friendly. With other automakers currently not putting forth any new competition, the innovative Canyon will fill a need for those customers that want the spaciousness of a truck and safe seating that can accommodate young children.

The space saving rear seats will now be able to house car seats making the 2015 Canyon, which will be available this fall, an ideal option for families. Here at Arnie Bauer, we feel this will help ensure the safety of our customers and we encourage the efforts made my GMC to keep children safe while on the road.

Up until now, the GMC Canyon hasn’t had the capability to accommodate safety seats in the very tight rear-passenger space. There is a certain amount of space recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to house a child safety seat in the back seat of a vehicle, and the mid-sized Canyon wasn’t at the recommended space. Now General Motors has come up with a simple solution to fix this problem which will give consumers the option to safely and securely seat two children in the rear seat of the pickup.

The new Canyon’s redesign entails the simple detachment of the rear headrests, and uses those same headrests to add additional support to the seat base by inserting it into the openings on the front base of the seat. This switch enables the seat to accommodate the size of the child seat and provide adequate support. Even with this solution it isn’t clear whether the new design would house rear facing car seats or only forward facing child safety seats.

Pricing for the new Canyon isn’t yet available, but the pickup, which should be available later this year at our Matteson dealership, has been outfitted with a host of new features. The Canyon will offer drivers the Driver Alert Package which includes lane-departure warnings and forward-collision alerts.

Still wondering if a pickup truck is right for your family? Come in to Arnie Bauer here in Matteson and view our full selection of new and used pickup trucks! Talk to one of our experts and take a look at our selection to see if the 2015 GMC Canyon, or one of our other vehicles are right for you!

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