2017 GMC Canyon Denali: The Mid-Size Pickup In a Full-Size Package

Over the past few years, the mid-sized truck market has made a comeback. There was a time when midsize pickup sales soared to more than 1 million over a ten year period and were the ideal choice for younger buyers who wanted a more economical vehicle. But soon after larger trucks started outselling their mid-sized counterparts as overproduction drove down pricing.

For almost a decade, the movement was slow on the small truck front. Buyers flocked toward bigger vehicles leaving automakers anxiously trying to exit the segment due to falling sales. The tide soon changed back in 2015 when sales for smaller trucks took a turn for the better boasting a 48 percent surge in sales and another 17 percent increase in the beginning of 2016.

Lower gas prices, better mileage and enough power to make you think twice about a full-size vehicle – contributed to the uptick in small and mid-size truck sales. Anie Bauer also suspects that better handling and easier maneuverability also became attractive characteristics to buyers as well.

This was good news for people looking for the performance of a pickup with a smaller price tag.  And apparently good news for GM, as it jumped back in the smaller truck market two years ago with both the Canyon and the Colorado.

According to Autotrader.com senior analyst Michelle Krebs, GM should see a pretty favorable response to its vehicles.  The Colorado and Canyon “have the potential to attract the lifestyle buyer – the buyer who wants to transport toys like snowmobiles, four-wheelers, bikes and canoes,” she says.      ,

One thing potential buyers are probably aware of is the rising costs of mid-size vehicles for many brands. The budget for developing smaller trucks has risen because the underpinnings of many of these vehicles are no longer shared across multi-vehicle platforms. That, plus the fact that the famous “Chicken Tax” still leans heavily on imports. But don’t let that discourage from looking for a good mid-size truck. There are great deals to be had.

For those that don’t mind paying a little extra for some of the amenities that models like the new luxurious GMC Canyon Denali offers, you’ll will be pleasantly surprised to find things like 20- inch wheels, a chrome sidesteps, heated steering wheel and leather seats, automatic climate control, Bose premium audio system, automatic climate control, a honeycomb Denali grille, an optional 2.8 liter turbo and 7000 pounds of towing power as part of the package.

This is one pickup that could hardly be called mid-size. The newest Canyon is really only about 5 inches narrower and a foot-and-a-half shorter lengthwise than its full-size Sierra counterpart.

So, if you can afford a bigger truck, but only require something smaller, the 2017 GMC Canyon Denali is your best bet.

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