2018 Buick Encore Lives Up to its Name with Eye-Catching Debut Performance

2018 Buick Encore

After four short years of increasingly fierce competition and a lot of very productive soul searching at Buick, the pioneering Buick Encore looks with some deserved confidence to make a big success of the 2018 model year, particularly in light of some very exciting updates. Sporting new features and styling both interior and exterior, the 2018 Encore is definitely on target to continue to raise the bar wherever there are Buick vehicles for sale this season! It’s been quite a whirlwind of success for Buick recently, and you can be sure that there’s no better time to get in on the action than ASAP!

Hitting All the Bases

Outside, the 2018 Encore takes some big steps in continuing the ramp-up of Buick’s recent focus on forward-thinking evolution. Replacing the classic Buick ‘waterfall’ grille with an altogether fresh yet still characteristically Buick design, and striking a smoother, more streamlined profile overall with some attractive new curves, the 2018 Encore finds immediate success in defining a more modern sense of luxury than any of its predecessors. Under the hood, some updated turbocharged options also help to lend the new Encore all of the power it needs to substantiate its sleek image, all while remaining remarkably efficient.

A Perfect Paradox of Compact Capability

Inside, it’s immediately easy to see that the most stylish Encore to date also sports the model’s most versatile and well-outfitted interior yet. Featuring a thoroughly adjustable interior space, lots of connectivity options integrated with a well-received, intuitive touchscreen interface, Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities for a reliable connection on the road, and plenty of stylish new materials and lighting, it might be hard for some to tell that this is still the friendly old Encore. You can trust us, though – the rumors are true!

Meet Buick’s Standouts Today!

While previous designs have laid plenty of groundwork for the continuing success of the model, there’s no question that Buick has put plenty of admirable effort into making this the most refined Encore yet. It’s a worthwhile bet for Buick’s continuing push into increasingly exciting progressive territory, as the 2018 Buick Encore proves the effectiveness of the company’s fearless new sense of positive evolution without a doubt. You can be sure that there’s a 2018 Buick Encore for sale with your name on it nearby, and that there’s no better place to find out about everything going on with the standout lineup of Buick vehicles for sale than right here at your leading Matteson Buick dealer, Arnie Bauer!

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