2018 GMC Terrain Adds Big Value to an Already Well-Balanced Formula

2018 GMC Terrain

With the official arrival of the freshly minted new 2018 GMC Terrain now fully commenced, there are a number of standout features that remain of particular interest to inquisitive automotive fans and media, features that do a good job demonstrating just how much successful effort GMC has been putting into the evolution of its classic utility-focused lineup lately. As the 2018 Terrain joins the attractive ranks of the standout GMC vehicles for sale right now at many a GMC dealer such as your local Arnie Bauer, we’re here to give you the details on the exciting new additions to anticipate.

Slimming Down and Moving Up

Capably filling out GMC’s leading crossover SUV lineup for nearly a decade as a consistently well-received mid-size, the 2018 Terrain joins a host of other emerging crossovers this year in dropping a few pounds in favor of maximizing both efficiency and adaptability to better serve a wider number of lifestyles. Managing nonetheless to find plenty of new room for more advanced features, more streamlined accommodations of all kinds, and, as we mentioned, even some intriguing, progressive new technology to boot, the 2018 Terrain is looking poised to take center stage wherever there are GMC SUVs for sale.

New Features Galore

In addition to the host of modern safety and support features, which includes Surround Vision camera, vibrating Safety Alert Seat, automatic emergency braking, as well as a 7-inch touchscreen replete with various modes of connectivity and control, the 2018 GMC Terrain will also debut a modernized new shifter system, a new feature fresh from GM design headquarters. Dubbed the Electronic Precision Shifter, this new control feature allows for precise driver control while offering an unprecedented level of safety and support. Providing an opportunity for that excitingly visceral, truly hands-on driving experience while eliminating many of the dangers and difficulties of a classic manual transmission, the new EPS system exemplifies GMC’s expert balance of classic feel and exceptional utility capability with a considerate sense of forward-thinking progress.

Get Ready to Try One Here Soon!

Stop by to visit us anytime to learn much more about the redefined and redefining 2018 GMC Terrain, and don’t hesitate to stay up to date on all the GMC details here on the Arnie Bauer blog in the meantime. When you’re ready to see why GMC SUVs are enjoying such a meteoric rise in this new era of automotive design and how you can make the most of some of the finest vehicles currently available, we’ll be ready with everything to make it easy and enjoyable right here at your loyal Matteson GMC dealer, Arnie Bauer!

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