A Buick Regal Wagon Might Make a U.S. Debut

Buick Regal Chicago

German GM-subsidiary Opel has been making their Opel Insignia model since 2008, a car known to those of us in North America as the Buick Regal. However unlike its Buick counterpart, the Insignia was offered in a Sport Tourer, or wagon-like, edition.

And now it’s possible that the U.S. might see its own wagon-version of the Regal in 2017. Rumor has it that Buick dealers caught a glimpse of a Regal wagon at a dealer meeting in May of this year, but GM offers “no comment” on the reports.

However, it’s likely that a Regal wagon would be along the same lines as the Insignia Sports Tourer, considering how easy that would make production. If so, we can expect the Regal wagon to offer SUV cues but a very roomy interior and tons of cargo space—perfect for families wanting the class of Buick but the functionality of many larger vehicles. One automotive site also noted that most of Buick’s foreign luxury competitors, like BMW, already offer a wagon-style model in their lineups.

Only time will tell if these rumors are true, but it would fit Buick’s recent theme of new model launches, considering the Cascada convertible and the Envision SUV. The big question will be if the American market is interested in a premium station wagon, considering the latest trend towards crossovers.

If we do see a Regal wagon, it’s likely to make an appearance next year when the redesigned 2018 Regal debuts in the U.S. If so, is this a car your family would be interested in? Whether you can answer that question or not, those of us here at Arnie Bauer look forward to seeing you drop by at our dealership. We’ve got a wide selection of new and used Buicks, including a selection of 2016 Buick Regals available at 0% financing for 60 months. Next time you’re in our neighborhood, be sure to stop by and see us!  We are just a short drive from Tinley Park, IL.

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