A Few Things to get Excited about Regarding the new Buick Envision

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Officially planned to hit the consumer market sometime in the summer of 2016, the new Buick Envision has generated a lot of positive buzz over the past few months. So, seeing as the vehicle has already hit the Chinese market—where, by the way, it has done exceptionally well—we thought we would give those of us in the United States a little taste of things to come by talking about a few things that have us excited with regard to the new Buick Envision.

First, let’s talk about those sculpted headlamps. These things perfectly push for the kind of dramatic edge Buck seems to be going for with regard to their new Envision. Stretching both toward the wheel well and toward the grille, these headlamps definitely pop, to say the least. LEDs push the familiar wing shape, while darker lenses add to the drama and mystique of the vehicle. Next, let’s look at those large wing mirrors. Yes, normally I would say that large wing mirrors often make a vehicle look clunky and box-like, however, the design certainly works quite well here. That is, the larger wing mirrors work to make the new Envision look far more sleek than some others in the luxury crossover segment.

Moving to the back of the Envision, let’s talk about the unique new spoiler design of the vehicle. These things are gorgeous. Wrapping entirely around the liftgate, the Envision’s new spoilers, too, do well to add a level of drama to the vehicle. And, as Buick has previously mentioned, these things are not just for looks alone (though, again, they look amazing), but they also work to improve the Envision’s aerodynamics. Staying behind the vehicle, it would be wrong to go on without mentioning the two chrome-tipped pipes that make up the Envision’s dual exhaust. At the very least, this balances the vehicle’s design, providing a symmetry that enhances the sleek look.

Moving back to the front of the Envision, let’s talk about the gorgeous waterfall grille that features a colored Buick Tri-Shield. The waterfall grille has become a staple of the Buick brand, and, in all honesty, I do not think it has ever looked better than it does on the front of the Envision. Too, moving to the top of the Envision, Buick has perfectly integrated two chrome roof rails, which will allow for owners to install their own carrier bars in order to easily transport bikes, kayaks, snowboards, skis, or cargo carriers.

Keep checking back in here with us at Arnie Bauer Buick, GMC, Cadillac for more information with regard to the new Buick Envision as it develops. Too, come down and sign up for a test drive of our newest vehicles!

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