A Rare Sighting of the Buick Wildcat II at the Autorama in Detroit


At Arnie Bauer, we’re crazy about cars – including hot rods and tricked-out roadsters. Even better if these cars are shown off with classic American autos, custom cars, and famous rides that have appeared in some of the best-known TV shows ever aired. One of the only places to see all of this together is at Autorama in Detroit where these awesome cars make an appearance in front of adoring crowds who are hungry for heavy metal machines with sleek lines, fantastic fins, and spectacular spoilers.

Hot rods have been around for a long time in the United States. It didn’t take folks long after the introduction of the automobile before they started tinkering with them. Any older model of vehicle that has been modified, either under the hood or on the exterior, can be considered a hot rod. Under the hood? Very often the hood is removed completely. It takes all kinds, and all kinds are what were on display at the annual Detroit Autorama when it commenced earlier this year in the Motor City.

For greasers, gear heads and hot rodders, this is one of the biggest days of the year and they flock to Detroit’s Cobo Center to get a glimpse of classic American roadsters all tricked out to drive better and look the best. This past show was no exception and saw the inclusion of a Buick among the ranks. A 1954 model of the Buick Wildcat II was shown off to salivating fans.

From the front bumper straight on back to the rear tail lights, and including the fantastic look of the fenders, the Wildcat concept car is a thrill to behold. We can only imagine what this pretty machine is like to drive. At 3,770 pounds, the Wildcat II is a beast with power delivered from a V-8 with four carburetors that kick out 220 horsepower. Maybe that’s not so impressive now, but it certainly was in the mid 1950s.

The Wildcat II sport was debuted, not at the Autorama, but at the GM Motorama in 1954. Made of fiberglass set on a 100 inch wheelbase, the Wildcat was a mere 170 inches in length and stood 35 inches at its tallest point. Originally painted in blue with white leather lining the interior, it was repainted tan later, but has since been restored to its original bright blue shine.

We may not have any Buick Wildcats for you to test drive here at Arnie Bauer, but we do have plenty of great Buick models for you to peruse. Stop by and see us. We are located at 5525 Circle Drive in Matteson, IL.

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