Awesome Things You Should Know About GMC Trucks

Awesome GMC Trucks

GMC has been building trucks since 1902, but back then they were known by a different name. The Grabowsky brothers started Rapid Motor Vehicle Co. in 1902 in Detroit. Soon afterward, Rapid Motor Vehicle and Reliance Motor came together into the General Motors Truck Co. in 1909.

Then, in 1911, the ‘GMC Trucks’ logo was originally used. Finally, in 1913, the name of the company became GMC. Though it has been through a couple different names, it is clear the GMC legacy has been strong to thrive for over 100 years since the brand’s beginning.

There is a lot of history and evolution of the GMC brand. “GMC built battery-power electric trucks that could haul from 1,000 pounds to 6 tons in 1912. GMC began using Detroit Diesel engines in 1931,” according to Mark Phelan of the Detroit Free Press, “GMC built almost 584,000 military vehicles during WWII, including 430,000 6X6 2.5-ton Army trucks.”

This brand has made a big impact over the years. As you may know, the GMC brand is made up purely of trucks and SUVs. Also, GMC is the second biggest brand of General Motors. The fact that this brand is so big and it doesn’t offer any vehicles smaller than an SUV is a testament to how these well-built GMC vehicles have impressive American auto buyers.

Another interesting part of the GMC truck brand are the high-end Denali options. Denali models are available on GMC trucks and SUVs and they offer you premium features and luxury. The Denali brand was launched in 1999 and GMC has sold over a million Denali vehicles since that happened.

Fast-forward to today and the success of GMC Trucks. In 2017, GMC won Kelley Blue Book’s 2017 Brand Image Award for Most Refined Brand.

“GMC’s ‘Professional Grade’ ideology has struck a resonant chord with consumers, and that’s reflected in car buyers visiting Kelley Blue Book’s website,, naming GMC 2017’s Most Refined Brand,” says Jack Nerad, executive editorial director for Kelley Blue Book. “The extra attention to design and detail found across GMC’s lineup has clearly resonated with American consumers.”

There are a lot of awesome things to know about GMC trucks like the history that spans over 100 years, the fact that GMC built military vehicles and even the success of the brand today. There is a lot to love about GMC trucks.

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