Blast From the Past: 1940 Buick Roadmaster

With all of the talk of the new vehicles being introduced at the Detroit Auto Show, we here at Arnie Bauer thought it might be a good time to look back at a vehicle that made an impact on the Buick brand.

Take a look at this 1940 Buick Roadmaster. Only 235 of these cars were built, due to a delay in the tooling-up of body stampings. Production for these models lasted only four months.

Because of this late and short production time, Buick was unable to promote this model as much as it would have liked.  Only 16 of the 1940 Roadmaster convertible sedans are still around today, with only six of them worthy to take out on the road.

The owner of this particular Roadmaster, Walt Gosden, has owned the car since 2004. He found the car in California and had it shipped to Ohio to be restored.There were only 47,500 miles on the odometer when Gosden bought the vehicle. The wiring was replaced, the gauges rebuilt, the radial tires were fitted and the brakes were rebuilt.

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Source: Newsday

Photo courtesy of Newsday.

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