Blast From the Past: 1971 S&S Medic I Cadillac Ambulance

When you think of professional cars, limos and hearses may come to mind. The builders of these vehicles worked together with traditional automobile manufacturers to develop a well-rounded end product.

This 1971 S&S Medic I Cadillac Ambulance, one of two remaining from that year, was built by Hess & Eisenhardt’s Sayers & Scovill (S&S), who served as prime source for Buick- and Cadillac-based professional vehicles.

This ambulance was built on a 1971 Cadillac commercial chassis and was powered by a General Motors-built V8 engine.  At the time when gas was 36 cents per gallon, this 7,500 pound car got 10 miles per gallon.

Paul Steinberg, vice president of the Professional Car Society, explained to Autoweek that the parts for the ambulance were boxed and strapped to the frame for the delivery to the coachbuilder. The coachbuilder then stamped extended-length doors for installation, with switchgear from Cadillac.

This ambulance has racked up the miles. It was sold to the Fanwood, New Jersey Rescue Squad and was then sold to Palm Harbor Fire Rescue in Palm Harbor, Florida. It was then sold to SAS Ambulance Service in Belleair Beach. A private owner purchased the vehicle when the firm went under in 1989 and was then sold for use at the Florida Medical Center.

The doctor who purchased it for use at the center fell in love with this vehicle and had it fully restored in 1999. You can still drive this vintage car too. It just takes 11 seconds to get to 60 miles per hour.

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Source: Autoweek

Photo Courtesy of Autoweek

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