Buick Achieves Top Global Sales

2014 buick encore2013 held its ups and downs, but for Buick it was up, way up. The General Motors brand recorded their highest global sales in history last year and hopes to do even better in 2014.

With a lineup of successful vehicles including the Buick Encore, Buick performed well domestically as well as globally. The largest share of Buick’s sales came from China which claimed 809,000 units of Buicks numbers, up almost 16% from the previous year’s numbers. This share was about four times what Buick sold here in the United States. Models exclusive to China like the Buick GL8 minivan or the Buick Excelle sedan were popular vehicles in the Chinese market.

buick logoAlthough the numbers are not as big as the Chinese market sales in the United States were also a good contributing factor to Buick’s success. The subcompact crossover Buick Encore was very popular here in the United States this past year keeping Buick running to keep up with the increasing demand during the summer months. The success of the Buick Encore was a great contributor to the more than 205,000 cars sold in the U.S.A up 13.9% from 2012.

Canada and Mexico were the other countries that helped Buick hit their record high. Although Buick’s sales volume was only 2,319 vehicles this was more than double the previous year’s sales and a huge win for the brand. Canada gave Buick the remaining 9.5% growth needed to beat last year’s numbers. With even more in the works for 2014, it seems Buick is headed in the right direction.

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