Buick Ad Campaign Looks Toward Future

Buick Verano

The world of advertising as an intense, not to mention extremely crowded, world—the goal, of course, comes down to setting yourself apart from every other company out there, which, mind you, is no small accomplishment to say the least. Such an accomplishment can be given over to Buick with regard to the company’s “That’s a Buick?” ad campaign, which has, for all intents and purposes, withstood the test of time in our extremely fast consumer climate nowadays.

“It’s so down to earth,” Tony DiSalle—United States Vice President of Buick and GMC marketing—told Automotive News recently. “It’s extremely honest. It’s driven off of a singular consumer insight and the reality that there is false familiarity out in the marketplace. A lot of people misperceive Buicks to be outdated in terms of their designs and not necessarily relevant to [them]. ‘It’s for older people; it’s not for me.’ We saw that with crystal clarity. When you have a consumer insight that is that precise, it makes it a little bit easier to focus on.”

This is, of course, a well known issue: that is, how a brand reintroduces itself generation after generation and not turn into a brand “for older people.” Buick is over 100 years old, and the company has certainly been a big player for the better part of that 100 plus years. DiSalle mentions, however, that this is not necessarily a burden. “The good news in terms of the history of Buick and the fact that it is over 100 years old is there is a lot of unaided awareness of the Buick brand.” DiSalle goes on to say, “The interesting part was just converting that awareness to a knowledge or understanding of what today’s Buick products really are and what they bring.”

This awareness converting means that Buick could possibly begin to be viewed as an option by younger and younger consumers. DiSalle continues: “We get asked a lot about average age. That’s just a byproduct. We don’t set an objective there. It’s an indicator of, are we appealing to a broader base? Our average age has come down quite a bit. It’s come down about six years in the last six or seven years of business. That’s a good indicator.”

Buick has no plans with regard to stopping the advertising machine that they have started. All in all (like most things), it just takes time. DiSalle makes sure to mention this; he says, “It takes a long time to adequately convey what we want to convey to the consumer base in the United States, especially in areas where we haven’t had a lot of density from a sale performance standpoint.”

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