Buick All Wheel Drive Technology Adds Brains to Beauty


At Arnie Bauer we certainly appreciate a well-made luxury car. We appreciate comfort and style, but we also live in the Midwest and sometimes having a vehicle that can handle the miserable weather conditions that are continually thrown our way requires something more than style. We need control. The good news is that Buick understands this, and has delivered by introducing a new All Wheel Drive technology across its line of vehicles, such as the 2015 Encore compact SUV and the turbocharged Regal GS.

Buick is eager to inform the public about the recent redesigns on its new models and has used the 2015 Chicago Auto Show to further push that message, even if that meant pushing a few journalists out in the cold in Lime Rock Park. It had to be done. Sorry, guys.

Lime Rock Park features several small looped tracks that provided the perfect setting to show off some of Buick’s new technology-driven road handling attributes, and by the end of the day the journalists were having so much fun they forgot about the cold.

While test-driving media members circled the track in the typically adverse weather conditions of the area, crews were on hand to pull out the less competent drivers from the snowy banks that line the tracks.

Four wheel drive, as the name implies, delivers power to all four wheels, which gives the vehicle a better grip on the road and increases stability, especially in the extreme conditions of snow and ice. All-Wheel Drive adds a techy twist to this dynamic by introducing a computer into the equation to help better determine road conditions.

The computer makes a determination of the road condition by processing which wheel, or wheels, have the best road contact and it delivers torque accordingly. The system can render these judgements in mere milliseconds and make adjustments to the distribution of power.

Though, SS advanced as driving technology is becoming, computers aren’t a substitute for a skilled driver who can make judgements based on experience and their own intuitive feel for the road. That said, this just makes Buick’s new All Wheel Drive technology the perfect pairing for those of us who are only too familiar with the snow and ice conditions of our Chicagoland roads.

If you’d like to team up with your own brainy All-Wheel Drive Buick model to help you deal with wintery roads, stop in and see us at Arnie Bauer. We are located at 5525 Circle Drive in Matteson, IL.

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