Buick Encore Sizes Down to the Competition

buick encoreBuick, one of General Motors’ many brands, is rolling out with its brand new 2014 Encore. This crossover is very unique, to say the least. Measuring in at 10 inches shorter than some of its competitors, it’s significantly smaller, but the Encore teaches us that bigger isn’t always better.

According to a review from marketwatch.com, the Buick Encore uses its space more efficiently than its competition as evidenced by its comfortable passenger space. That small size also gives it advantages in areas like parking and turning radius. And fighting city traffic gets a lot easier with the Encore as its dimensions leave it nimble and quick.

Though it looks adorably small from the outside, it doesn’t feel that way when you slip inside. Once you’re done fawning over the surprising space inside the Encore, its luxurious details will be the next surprise to grab your attention. The cabin is loaded with fancy gadgets, over-the-top safety features, and eye-catching design.

Starting at $24,160, the Encore is priced affordably and similarly to competitors. And with an mpg of 25 in the city and 33 on the highway, it lives up to the ever-increasing gas mileage standards. The Encore might look small, but under that facade lies a surprisingly strong contender that many consumers are sure to fall in love with.

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