Buick Offers Perfect Car for Summer Trips

buick enclave vacationBuick offers two SUVs that are perfect for summer trips on the road. The best part of taking your Buick SUV on the road is the fuel efficiency. You also won’t be leaving behind on-the-go luxury. The Encore Crossover SUV features contemporary Buick design themes and five star overall safety rating from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Heated steering wheel and Bose Sound System make the Encore a comfortable place to be. The passenger space is just right. The Encore delivers 33 MPG highway MPG and 25 MPG for city driving. Most road trip takers are looking to get extra miles per gallon.

Besides the fuel-efficient Encore, the Enclave also gets good mileage with 22 MPG highway. The interior features tri-zone climate controls, heated and cooled seats, and the front seats are also 8-way power adjustable. The first-class seating can be easily moved with one hand with Buick Smartslide. There is a total available seats for 8. So make your group bigger for your next trip. The power liftgate is the perfect feature for road trips. It opens to 115.2 cubic feet of level storage with the second row lowered. With the third row down there is room for 68.9 cubic feet of your stuff. With all rows up, you still have 23.3 cubic feet of space to utilize behind the third row. Enclave offers flexibility in what you can take along with you. Both the Encore and Enclave make great vehicles for your summer road trips!

Source: ABC Local

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