Buick Relies on Strong Heritage

vintage buickBuick, a brand that just celebrated its 110th anniversary was founded May 1903. Buick relied on its heritage to sell vehicles for the last century. Americans bought a Buick for the good name.

For a while it may have seemed to slightly weaken, but others still found Buick very appealing and kept Buick a big brand. Foremost, “Because it established that so desirable brand image for so many years, it never really lost its appeal for certain age groups,” said Karl Brauer, editor in chief and CEO of car comparison and research website Total Car Score. “Certain generations always liked the car and that was good and bad.” Then there is the market for Buick in China.

While the popularity may have declined shortly in the US, in China Buick is big.  China is the highest volume market for the brand and this is due to its heritage there. Buick opened in China in 1929, but the first provisional president of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yatsen, rode in a Buick in Shanghai in 1912. Buick has had a rich heritage of being an emperor’s vehicle in China over the years. In fact, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said automakers sold 19.3 million vehicles in China in 2012, nearly 4 million more than the U.S. market. The Chinese market has been good for the brand with sales of 895,133 vehicles sold worldwide in 2012, a 7% increase from 2011.

Sales are increasing in the U.S. as well, with the new lineup of vehicles consumers are purchasing Buicks based on its performance and looks. With the new Buick Encore and the next-generation Enclave, other brands definitely have something to envy with Buick.

Source: mlive.com

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