Buick Riviera Concept Plug-In Hybrid

2013 Buick Riviera Hybrid

Offering a combination of all-electric driving and a sporty hybrid driving mode this concept delivers on versatility. Some cool, futuristic features are part of this concept. A total of 10 high-resolution cameras collecting traffic information, cross-referenced with 18 micro sensors for distance monitoring are put into data then projected in a holographic image onto the windshield.

This car is connected through 4G LTE wireless to deliver features like real-time traffic, weather, and news. There are also plenty of driver assist systems to look forward to, like the “eagle view” record system; night view assist; side blind-zone alert; lane departure warning; full-speed range-adaptive cruise control; lane change assist; parking assist; rear cross-traffic alert; and “transparent” A pillars. Some of these features leave questions as to what function they will fulfill.

Finally, there is the autopilot auto assist feature that makes us daydream about what this feature will deliver. Keep an eye out for more details about the Rivera Concept or something similar to come.

Source: Business Insider

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