Buick Surprises at Detroit Auto Show


The New Year is in full swing and that means the auto shows have begun in full force. As Chicago gears up to host the annual Chicago Auto Show, other shows like in Detroit are winding down. While most will move right on to the next shiny concept revealed, many are still chatting about a newly revealed Buick model.

Buick definitely dropped a few jaws introducing the sporty coupe that resembles an Italian sports car more than any Buick seen before. The concept, which is thought to be Camaro inspired will definitely be appealing to a vast array of consumers including the younger generation. “It’s expressive, it’s bold”, said vice president of global design for Buick parent company General Motors Ed Welburn adding, “It’s got a lot of flair.”

The twin turbo V6 concept is just another sign of Buick’s continued effort to re-energize the brand and appeal to a younger demographic… and its working. With 400 horsepower and a gorgeous body, this new concept could easily be cast in any movie as the star. Even more, the Camaro concept could easily rival the luxury cars on the market today in style alone. The new Buick concept’s style and design is being compared to that of an Aston Martin or even a Tesla. Not bad for a brand that in years past was considered to be focused on a more mature audience.

According to Welburn, this new concept is going to be quite important to the Buick brand and lineup going forward saying “This vehicle is going to have an influence on every single Buick in the future.” Its true production cues are already being seen on other model vehicles like the new 2017 Buick LaCrosse, it will be interesting to see what pops up next and on what vehicle in the Buick lineup.

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