Buick Targets Fuel Economy with Added Power

General Motors is continuing their focus of listening to what their customers want. It’s a possibility that Buick will soon be offering a diesel engine. This fuel saving development is a first for the brand. No specific model has been named by the company, but the favored choice is the compact Buick Verano. GM has already offered a four cylinder engine in the popular Chevrolet Cruze, and naturally the Verano seems the likely choice for an increased fuel economy option.

fuel displayWhen it comes to purchasing a new vehicle many customers voice that good fuel economy is at the top of their list of wants. Automakers have started to take notice and are looking to use diesel as an option to increase fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Currently automakers in the United States are in the testing phases, while European competitors like Mercedes Benz and Audi are currently expanding their diesel options into the U.S. With the increased interest in diesel in the U.S. and the demand for it in Europe Buick is taking notes from their European Opel division.

Three of the brands current vehicles have been derived from European designs, and diesel seems to be the next step for the automaker as half of all vehicles sold in Western Europe are diesel powered.

gas pumpA vehicle to benefit from these developments is the Buick Encore. This popular crossover has been a favorite of customers outselling other popular brands like Cadillac. Buick has listened and learned that while customers like the Encore they desire more power.

Increasing power in the encore has been a challenge for the brand due to the tight engine compartment. Buick’s other engine options are not compatible due to size, but a solution might be a recently released new 1.6 liter four cylinder gasoline or diesel engines.

Customers are calling for more power in the popular crossover and Buick is looking to give customers what they want. With the Encore being a driving force helping to raise Buick’s sales almost 15% this year improving the vehicle can only make things better. Customers could see improvements as early as 2015. Better fuel economy and additional power could make the Encore even more successful for the brand in the future.

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Source: Edmunds.com

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