Buick is the First American Brand to Make Consumer Reports’ Top Ten


For the first year ever, an American brand has cracked the top ten of Consumer Reports’ coveted Auto Brand Report Card. And it’s a Buick.

For the three years since its inception, Consumer Reports’ ranking of top car brands has been dominated by establishment Japanese and German automakers, but this year, Buick broke into the top ten at number seven. It’s a real victory for Detroit automakers, who usually place in the bottom.

For the ranking, Consumer Reports combines road test and reliability scores for 28 different automotive brands to figure out who is the best in terms of both performance and reliability.

The reliability scores come from their subscribers, who rated 1.1 million vehicles this year in an annual survey, based on cars they own themselves. These scores combine with multiple others from U.S. government and insurance industry crash and rollover safety tests, plus individual road tests by Consumer Reports staff. Each brand gets a resulting composite score.

Buick scored a 69 – just 9 points below the top brand, Lexus – beating out BMW and Honda for the first time, making it the best domestic brand. Buick has been gaining in real market terms, too, as domestic sales rose 11 percent and Chinese sales rose almost 14 percent in 2014.

“The overall scores show which automakers get it right in performance and reliability,” write the magazine’s editors. “Think of reliability and road-test performance as a dating couple: often seen together, but not always.”

J.D. Power and Associates agrees – this year they ranked Buick second to Lexus in their annual dependability rankings. Of course, Buick has consistently placed in J.D. Power’s top ten brand list every year for the past decade. They also won top honors in 2007 and 2009.

Consumer Reports also ranks individual vehicles, and this year the Buick Regal was one of just three American cars to place in their “top picks,” for the first time in seventeen years. The magazine staff tested 270 vehicles total, performing over fifty evaluations on each of them, including tests of braking, comfort, and handling. Top picks have to be at or near the top of the rankings in performance, reliability, and safety.

The Buick Regal was the magazine staff’s top pick for sports sedans, earning a composite score of 83. Buick defied expectations that a German brand would win out in this category, Consumer Reports writes, “Because it’s an Opel underneath, it has that Teutonic ride control that provides a Europhile driving experience.” They attribute the quality to Buick’s 259 hp, 2 liter turbo engine with a six-speed automatic – though it also comes in a stick shift. “The IntelliLink infotainment system is intuitive,” the magazine reports. “The value-for-money equation is strong.”

So if you’re looking for an all-American car that ranks high in safety, reliability, and performance for great value – look no further. Come down to Arnie Bauer today to check out a Buick Regal, or any of our other great Buick models.

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