Cadillac ATS Gives Drivers a New PAL

Cadillac is providing drivers with a new PAL, but it’s not the kind of pal you can catch a movie with.

PAL is short for Performance Algorithm Liftfoot, a technology which detects when a driver is demanding more performance from a vehicle when driving around a curve. It automatically drops the transmission to lower gear to improve acceleration out of the corner. Paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, this technology enables you to focus on the road.

“The ATS is built to deliver inspired driving dynamics when the driver desires it,” said Adam Dean, Cadillac ATS ride and handling engineer said in a statement. “When PAL is engaged, the driver will notice the ATS kick into a higher RPM.”

PAL and the ATS’ other technologies were tested on Nurburgring’s Nordschleife Course and other challenging roads.

To get yourself a new PAL, head on down to Arnie Bauer. We’ll introduce you.

Source: General Motors

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