Cadillac Automotive Autopilot

cadillac autopilotCurrently in development is the Cadillac Super Cruise, an important step in the road-ready autonomous vehicle evolution. This feature controls the throttle and the brakes while also adjusting the distance between the car and the surrounding traffic. It works like current adaptive cruise-control systems. Super Cruise does more than that, it also steers.

To guide the car down the center of its lane, it uses a processor which combines camera, radar, and GPS data. All the driver needs to do is activate the Super Cruise function by pressing a button on the steering wheel. It takes control watching for highway lane markers from a camera in the rear view mirror. It process and adjusts the steering and brakes to keep the car in the center of the lane. The system is also smart enough to adapt to the driver’s behavior, so if you like more room between you and the next car, it can take care of that. Besides just watching with its camera, it can also sense. Super Cruise can assess traffic patterns using three radar sensors which it classifies as stationary or moving objects. Then it can adjust the accelerator and brakes and maintain a minimum distance, which can also be lengthened by the drivers’ specification.

Lastly, the Super Cruise system utilizes GPS tracking of the car’s location compared to road maps, allowing the system to anticipate the road ahead, straight or curvy. The driver should still be alert, but just in case conditions get bad, the seat will vibrate to notify the driver to take the wheel, similar to the Cadillac Safety Alert Seat available on the XTS. With new technology like this expected in 2016, a few years will leave you room to try Cadillac models with similar technology.


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