Cadillac CT6 to Help Brand


Luxury and value: the meeting place of these two ideals is largely sought after by buyers in the automotive industry, but it’s a difficult balancing act to pull off. According to reviews rolling in about the Cadillac CT6, the brand’s flagship sedan, the slickly style model manages to do the impossible—it finds that sweet spot.

For starters, pricing for the CT6 begins at around $55,000. In comparison to other in-class competitors, such as the Audi A8 at $82,000 and up or the Mercedes S-class at $96,000 and higher, the CT6 clearly pulls ahead in the pocketbook. Additionally, the CT6 has an EPA of 22 city and 30 highway, a better rating in both categories than either the Audi or the Mercedes. In fact, the CT6’s efficiency is a top performer in the full-size luxury class among all of its competitors, proving you don’t have to go European for better fuel economy.

CT6 tester and writer Mike Parris commented that the model’s four-cylinder turbo engine packs a punch and never feels underpowered, but the CT6 lineup also features two different V6 engines for those desiring even more.

“One reason this car gets away with a smaller engine is that it doesn’t weigh very much compared to the competition,” wrote Parris. “It feels light on its feet, and it’s all for being a little frisky on back roads, not isolated like some others in this class.”


When it comes to styling, the CT6 truly shines, with the model boasting classically bold Cadillac lines alongside more smooth and modern features, like the elongated headlights and wind-sculpted hood. Chrome detailing gives the CT6 a bit of flash without going over the top, sticking with a theme of understated luxury and power.


Parris raved that the interior was likely the best he’d ever seen from Cadillac, enjoying the comfortable heated and ventilated front seats, wood trim and ample head and leg space. A 10.3-inch CUE infotainment screen houses most of the sedan’s technology, accompanied by a touch-sensing control pad with handwriting recognition capability. There’s also the industry’s first ever rear camera mirror that uses full-display technology included, an in-mirror, HD camera that enhances rear view lane width and adjusts for low-lighting situations. Upgrades such as the Bose Panaray sound system with 34 speakers help give the CT6 that extra touch of luxury, letting buyers craft a CT6 that’s just right for them.

In stock just in time to treat yourself before the end of the year, Arnie Bauer has a ready and waiting fleet of brand-new 2017 Cadillac CT6s. With prices nearly $30,000 less than your average competing luxury sedan, it’s finally time to make your Cadillac dreams come true. Stop by and see us, and let’s find what works for you!

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