Cadillac Extending Offerings

CadillacYou’ve already seen the all-new ATS and XTS sedans and yet Cadillac still has more offerings being added to the auto market. The 2014 all-new CTS will go on sale this fall with a completely re-imagined design. Then, later this year the plug-in 2014 Cadillac ELR Coupe will start production.

The ELR coupe will arrive early in 2014 offering drivers an electrically powered vehicle. Luxury awaits you in finely stitched leather accents and burled-grained wood. Equipped with the Cadillac CUE system, the interior has the technology you want and CUE looks nice too. The exterior features hidden door handles and a sculpted shape, making the car sleek and aerodynamic. The 20 inch wheels and LED headlamps further add to the look of the car. This car is unmistakable from any angle. The ELR is different than other vehicles because it is primarily powered by an advanced electric drive propulsion system. The car regenerates energy as you are slowing down and delivers the energy back into your battery. Dual-sided paddle controls provide the regeneration of the energy on demand. The system features an on-board, range-extending, gas powered generator to be used as a reserve for longer journeys. The ELR electric and gas combination makes your car versatile in meeting your needs, from short, quick trips all the way to the end of your longer journeys. The advanced electric drive propulsion system delivers instant torque and smooth, shiftless acceleration. It’s no wonder ELS was recently honored with the prestigious Eyes On Design Award for Best Production Car at the North American International Auto Show.

Source: The Detroit News 

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