Cadillac Introduces Virtual Bumpers

GM recently announced the addition of a new safety system to the three new Cadillac models, which will stop the vehicle in low-speed conditions to help prevent crashes.

The front and rear automatic braking equipped on these vehicles will slam on the brakes as a last resort, helping drivers where they may fail to see another vehicle or even and object in their path.

This new feature is part of the optional Driver Assist Package on the 2013  Cadillac ATS, XTS and SRX. This feature is dependent on sophisticated sensors and electronics to help the drivers avoid crashes in low-speed conditions and reduce impact speed in other circumstances.

“Radars, vision, and ultrasonic sensors in the vehicle are constantly analyzing data and working together to determine if a crash may be imminent,” said Charles Green, the driver performance specialist responsible for the development of the Driver Assist Package technologies in a release. “Based on these calculations, the vehicle can automatically brake to avoid a crash or reduce impact speed, and if necessary, can apply the vehicle’s maximum braking capability.”

Before this technology kicks in, safety alert seat vibrations are applied.  If a collision is imminent, the system is designed to apply the brakes and stop the vehicle. The car will remain stopped until the driver presses the accelerator pedal. The engineers behind the technology have spent time to ensure this will kick in only as a last case scenario.

To learn more about the Driver Assist Package, head on down to Arnie Bauer.

Source: GM Media

Photo Courtesy of GM Media

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