Cadillac is Making Room for a New CT6

New CT6

Though it’s only been a short run for the game-changing Cadillac ELR, company representatives recently revealed to the press that the stylish luxury hybrid has gone out of production in favor of some new projects that will take over its role in the current Cadillac lineup. In an interview with Hybrid Cars, an automotive media publication focused on hybrid and electric technology, Cadillac product communications manager David Caldwell cemented the suspicions that Cadillac’s upcoming electric vehicle projects are poised to pick up the trail that the ELR has done a fine job of pioneering at Cadillac, despite its short production run. Now, we’ve got some exciting new information on exactly what the company has planned for the next steps in their alternative energy evolution.

In giving the ELR credit where credit is due, Caldwell told Hybrid Cars that “the beautifully-designed, electrified coupe marked an important step in Cadillac’s ongoing expansion.” So, despite the fact that the ELR is giving way to new developments, it’s clear that the vehicle marked an important stepping stone. Now, the company is almost primed for the release of the all-new Cadillac CT6, the best and brightest hybrid vehicle that the company’s produced to date, and which certainly owes its fine pedigree in part to the ELR. Though we’re sad to see the ELR go, we’re definitely helped by the fact that it’s being replaced with something as promising as

the CT6, a vehicle with lots to show off.

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While the ELR was a sleek compact coupe, the new CT6 steps things up right off the bat as a full-size instead. Presumably, this helps Cadillac to bring their newest technology to a segment in which its cost will be more competitive, as the ELR had a hard time competing with the pricing of its peers, though it also brought more to the table than most. As a full-size, the CT6 is truly packed with new features, some of which stand as both impressive firsts for the company and pioneering efforts in the automotive industry on the whole.

To start, the new hybrid will come equipped with a streaming video-capable rear-view mirror, which will expand the driver’s view, as well as being the first vehicle to feature GM’s ‘Super Cruise’ hands-off self-driving technology. Not content to simply continue the evolution of today’s most innovative vehicles in predictable fashion, GM looks ready to bring some truly revolutionary new features to the road with the arrival of the powerful young CT6 soon. With 335 horsepower and 432 pounds of torque, you can be sure that even the basics will be well provided for.

While the ELR is on its way out of the lineup, dealers retain about 100 of the models  for sale before the vehicle has moved out of showrooms and into private ownership entirely. Still an incomparably stylish hybrid, the ELR definitely deserves to become a storied collectible rather than a forgotten artifact. You can bet that we’ll have every bit of info that we can gather about the upcoming arrival of the transformative new Cadillac CT6 hybrid, too, so be sure to keep an eye on us right here at Arnie Bauer, just a short drive from Tinley Park, IL.

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