Cadillac Looking to Bring American Styling to Europe

Cadillac is looking to expand its presence into the European market, American Style.

The brand’s design boss, Mark Adams, disputed rumors that the United States-based automaker would be changing its look to appeal to the European segment that it is targeting.

Adams heads the design for the Opel brand and is looking to add design quality to Cadillac mix. This change will not come from the utilization of European style. Adams, as well that the rest of the Cadillac organization, are looking to expand the well-known brand into a global player. The road is expected to be long as the diesel is king in Europe.

Cadillac’s CTS-V models have been part-developed at Germany’s Nurburgring circuit, which has helped sales of the model in Europe. Right-hand models are in development for United Kingdom drivers, Japan and Australia.

The Cadillac brand was relaunched in Europe two years ago.

Luckily, you can drive in American style now. Head on down to Arnie Bauer to see the latest models.

Source and Photo Courtesy of Edmunds Inside Line

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