Cadillac Plans to Debut New 2014 Escalade

Cadillac’s trophy vehicle is the Escalade. It’s always been their iconic, luxury SUV, and one of their biggest sellers. With the unleashing of a new 2014 Escalade with many improvements and changes the excitement for this iconic vehicle grows.

2014 cadillac escaladeAccording to USA Today, The new model will be revealed at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California publicly, but before then, a small gathering of invited guests will be getting the first look. The details of the new design have not been released, but the rumors are that Cadillac is aiming for a roomier, more comfortable cabin.

Sales are down for GM’s Escalade by 5%, and one can only expect that company executives are looking to the new design as a way to counteract the sales slump. They have big plans for this road warrior. They see this transition as a way to take back the high-end SUV market. A new and improved Escalade may be perfect move to put them back on top.

The redesign of the Escalade is a huge shift for Cadillac, and we can expect to see it on the streets in 2014. Fans of the vehicle will just have to wait until then to get their hands on it.

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