Cadillac Sets the Pace at the Lincoln County Fair

Lincoln-County-FairNot many people around the world have heard of the Lincoln County Fair, but in Fayetteville, Tennessee, it’s a tradition. In fact, this September marks its 109th iteration. Part of the celebration includes a harness race, which is the only one in the entire state.

For the event, another American tradition made an appearance: an old trusty Cadillac. The race has a lead car that sets the pace and ensures safety. For quite some time, that lead car has been a blue Cadillac. It’s not just any old car though. It has been retrofitted with an observation deck, a communication system, and of course the railing in the back, amongst other things. The Cadillac’s owner, Mike Moss, has modified his car very heavily. It’s equipped with everything a harness race could throw at it considering Mike drives  it for races all across the country.

Harness racing isn’t a very well-known sport. It’s a small variant of horse racing. It pits jockeys against each other, but instead of riding the horse, they are sitting on a small, two-wheeled harness attached to the horse. It might sound a bit strange, but fans have been enjoying it for over 100 years. It’s an obscure American tradition that more people need to add to their vacation itinerary, and the Lincoln County Fair is the perfect place to do that.

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