Cadillac Signals a Relaunch with Dare Greatly Campaign

dare greatly

We don’t necessarily love speeches here at Arnie Bauer, but we do appreciate good oratory especially when it is as presidential and inspiring as the one featured in the Cadillac commercial which aired during the recent Oscar ceremonies.

The spot, originally previewed on Cadillac’s YouTube channel, is called The Arena: Dare Greatly and at just over a minute and a half, the commercial does not feature a single Cadillac vehicle, nor does it include any mention of the brand until the very end. The speech, known as the Citizenship in a Republic Speech, was delivered by President Theodore Roosevelt in Paris over one hundred years ago. In the address, the 25th President of the US advises his audience that it is not the critics who matter in life, but the people who work for a worthy cause and higher achievement. Even though they may fail in their efforts at times, daring to do great things is the more noble pursuit. The commercial is just the start of a new Cadillac campaign that seeks to counter critics and re-establish the company going forward.

Cadillac aired a 30 second and 60 second version of the commercial during the Oscar ceremonies on February 22, along with two other commercials that expanded on the same daring theme. Instead of showing off a particular model of Cadillac, the ads served as an introduction to the marketing campaign that will follow as GM looks to wipe the slate clean and relaunch the brand. The company will open new headquarters in New York (the city also plays a prominent role in the commercial) as it heads in this new direction, which includes a website redesign and social media overhaul. Cadillac has always been synonymous with luxury, and the company is looking to live up to its own reputation.

Some folks weren’t happy with the news that GM was moving Cadillac HQ to New York, but they welcome the new identity nevertheless. While Cadillacs saw a bump in worldwide sales last year, here in the US the company needs a jolt and some fresh thinking in order to take the lead in what is a very competitive luxury car market. It’s the dawning of a new era for Cadillac and we’re proud to be a part of it.

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