Cadillac Brand Focused on Leading Luxury Competition

The luxury market has had exceptional growth this past year. Affordable financing and an improving economy has given buyers and current owners a reason to buy or trade up. Cadillac is still trailing to Mercedes statistically as the bestselling high-end brand it’s not hard to see that the Cadillac brand has had a better year.

cadillac logoTaking a look at the total of vehicles sold in all of North America in 2013 on a monthly basis, Cadillac shows a distant fourth place to Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus. Although Cadillac might not be on top, the brand is keeping pace which is something they haven’t always done in past years. If you took all these monthly reportings and condensed them into a singular number its obvious Cadillac dealers demolished BMW and Audi leaving only Mercedes selling a larger number of vehicles. Although they boast higher sales Mercedes definitely started from a larger base from previous years. Looking at General Motors numbers compared to last year shows an increase of vehicles sold of a whopping 25%.

With new vehicles like the ATS, Escalade, and STS sedan selling quickly it’s no wonder the Cadillac brand should it hold steady in its quest, is on pace to become the bestselling luxury car in the next few years. With the brands innovative designs and focus on technology Cadillac is surely headed in the right direction.

Come in to Arnie Bauer’s showroom located in Matteson, IL and see for yourself why the Cadillac is on its way to being the bestselling Luxury car on the market.

Source: Business Week

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