Cadillac Traffic Light Technology

V2V Technology on the 2017 Cadillac CTS

The list of safety features offered by automakers continues to grow each year.  In fact, safety ranked 2nd to Build Quality and Reliability in factors that were important to new car buyers, according to this NADA New Car Shopper Preference Survey.

These factors weigh in heavily when new vehicles are being manufactured because they determine what cars people want to drive. Arnie Bauer believes it’s important to remember that cars may vary in terms of the level of safety.  So, it’s best to do a little extra research to find a vehicle that offers the kind of safety features that meets your needs.

Cadillac recently unveiled its vehicle-to-vehicle technology (V2V) in the 2017 CTS, making it the first car in America to offer this kind of advanced automation.

The vehicle-to-vehicle communication system will come standard on the new CTS and will allow all CTS vehicles to share information like road conditions, while communicating with signs and objects on the road.

For instance, once the CTS makes contact, a traffic signal can send an alert back to the vehicle about whether to continue through the light or prepare to stop before it turns red. According to Cadillac, this communication could help drivers make that decision before they reach the light.

The V2V tracks the position, direction and speeds of other vehicles using a scanner.  It then warns the driver of any possible hazards by way of the car’s instrument cluster or head up display.

Other issues that Cadillac’s CTS detects is car hacking.  The V2V system works using Dedicated Short-Range Communication and protects any sensitive information about the driver with a firewall. The driver’s data is not stored on the car.

As concerns grow over the accessibility of information, it’s important to note that only cars that have the V2V technology can “talk” to one another.  While the regulation of the rules of common standards for car communications are still being established, the American automaker assures it customers that it’s technology is safe.

Ultimately, Cadillac’s goal is to create “an on-road data ecosystem” where the shared information gives future self-driving cars the capability to move along busy streets safely. Safety upgrades are to include speed limit alerts, automatic work zone warnings and collision avoidance.

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