Cadillac’s Flagship Sedan to Exceed All Expectations

New details have started to emerge regarding Cadillac’s new flagship sedan, and our consumers here at Arnie Bauer are getting excited. The CT6 has been a closely guarded secret, but expectations are high for Cadillac’s new flagship sedan.

The Cadillac CT6 was designed to be competitive with other luxury vehicles like the Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7 Series, both which achieved success and have a loyal following. While these and other luxury vehicles may have a lot to offer, Cadillac has revealed plans to elevate their new class leading vehicle above all the rest. Mark Reuss, General Motors Vice President of Product, stated the CT6’s twin turbo 3.0L V6 will be “the most powerful six-cylinder gas engine in the segment.”

Reuss added, “rather than try to copy someone, or do something that has already been done, we have created, we think, the vehicle, in this time frame, that will stand apart and make Cadillac again the standard of the world.” With brand new technology reported for the CT6 such as a plug-in electric option, the flagship sedan will feature “industry-leading fuel economy upwards of 70 mpg equivalent,” according to Reuss.

In addition to world class fuel economy, Reuss explains that the new CT6 will also have “the world’s most advanced body structure… and it’s not aluminum. It’s a stronger, smarter, safer premium luxury vehicle.” The new structure will be comprised of a mixed material that is a product of GM’s patented welding technology which uses aluminum, steel and steel stampings and castings. The goal and ultimate result of this new technology will be a larger sedan that will actually weigh less than the smaller CTS. The CT6 will weigh a total of 53 lbs less; which is impressive since the CT6 will use 20% fewer parts. Here at Arnie Bauer we can’t wait to see more of the new Cadillac CT6.

Although Cadillac’s new sedan isn’t in dealerships just yet, here at Arnie Bauer we have a huge selection of new and pre-owned vehicles for you to choose from. Stop in today and speak with one of our qualified sales team members!

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