Cadillac’s New Marketing Executive Brings Big Plans

Cadillac-CMO-Uwe-EllinghausUwe Ellinghaus has been appointed chief marketing officer for Cadillac, and has started in January 2014. However, he was busy working on some big ideas for the luxury brand well before then. Ellinghaus recently opened up to Forbes that he believes Cadillac needs to focus on finding unique selling points to lure new customers. He also revealed that he believes delivering the 2014 Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrid is a critical step towards the brand’s success.

A former VP for Montblanc International Ellinghaus also has experience in the auto industry logging time at BMW and is now set to take on Cadillac. Ellinghaus is focused on addressing Cadillac’s biggest problem, which according to him is the need to offer unique selling propositions compared to other automakers. Ellinghaus told Forbes Cadillac must “find the unique selling proposition that sets it apart from the German premiums in particular but also others. We’ve got a global platform, individualistic styling. The products are better than ever. But what is still missing is, ‘Why Cadillac?”

Well the new Cadillac ELR would certainly give consumers yet another reason to look the brands way. The Chevrolet Volt based two door will be the company’s only plug-in hybrid model and will have a starting price of $75,995 when it goes on sale in January 2014. Ellinghaus is better consumers will love the new ELR so much they will be willing to pay for the right to own the 2014 Cadillac ELR Saks Fifth Avenue Edition with a price tag of $89,500.

Only time will tell, but if the anticipation of the new 2014 ELR means anything Cadillac is headed in the right direction. Stop over to Arnie Bauer to check out our great selection of Cadillacs or view our full inventory online.


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