Camping Tips

Summer is near and the weather is warming up. That means camping season has arrived. For many, camping has long been a family tradition, but families also bring along some safety tips for the time outdoors.

CampsiteAlways pack a first aid kit for your camping adventures. One of the most dangerous activities camping is playing by the water. Remind everyone to be careful. If you are boating or fishing, put on your life jackets and help the kids with their life jackets too. If you are on or near water you should always be wearing a life jacket. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the youngest children, a life jacket does not ensure children’s safety and water can still be dangerous with a jacket on. When it comes time for some good food you’ll likely gather around the campfire. To be safe, have the flames in a contained area. Also, make sure you cook your food for the correct amount of time. Finally, when you are done enjoying your meal, make sure you put out the flames.

Remember then to clean up any loose food you may have dropped and put away the rest in a safe, closed space. Chances are you don’t want any close encounters with wildlife that wants your food. Since you’ll be enjoying the outdoors, don’t forget to use bug spray and wear long sleeves to protect from bites. You’ll be happy to avoid the diseases spread by insects.  When you get into your tent for the night, do not burn things inside the zipped up tent. Carbon monoxide can be a silent killer when there is no fresh oxygen, so keep the cooking and burning outside your closed up tent. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a wonderful and relaxing trip!


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