Catch the Tantalizing Details on the Upcoming 2018 Cadillac XTS

2018 Cadillac XTS

It’s already been quite a year for the charismatic Cadillac XTS in just about every venue where there are new Cadillac models for sale, and with some details finally delivered as to what we can expect from the upcoming 2018 model, it’s looking like the XTS only stands to make good on its much-recognized potential. Filling out the Cadillac sedan lineup in serious style alongside the stately, exemplary full-size CT6 and the exceptionally stylish mid-size CTS, the 2018 XTS brings improved materials, features, and structural design, making it a very attractive option for luxury drivers and the many members of the automotive media who made it clear that the 2017 XTS was already a standout.

A Well-Equipped Standout

While the CT6 offers Cadillac an ideal opportunity to focus its finest efforts in a singular ‘flagship’ full-size, the similarly full-size XTS completes the current lineup in a big way by offering a wider range of options and configurations for discerning drivers to more closely customize their experience of definitive Cadillac elegance. With a seductively outfitted, visibly plush, and finely detailed interior,  a choice between a confident 304-horsepower, 3.6-liter V6 and an impressively boosted 410-horsepower twin turbo version, and top of the line technological accommodations included an advanced voice recognition system and digital heads-up display, as well as five total trim levels, the current XTS provides an ideal starting point for an outstanding evolution. It’s also been some time since the XTS received a proper update, and the company now clearly looks to outdo itself.

An Expert Improvement on Success

For starters on the new model year, connoisseurs of true luxury can look forward to more ways to make Cadillac their own, with fresh interior trim options and a wider selection of colors. Improved wheel design brings an even more unified sense of progressive luxury styling, as well as notably improving cabin noise. Cadillac also continues the evolution of its well-received CUE infotainment system, which provides more standard connectivity and support features than ever. It’s just the beginning for this expert upgrade, arriving soon at Arnie Bauer.

Look For More About the 2018 XTS Soon!

It’s been a busy announcement season for Cadillac this summer, as General Motors has had quite a task keeping the many exciting developments in its lineup under wraps for long enough to invite some speculation. You can bet that things have been going better than ever as Cadillac continues to show an invigorated sense of progress and a confidence to continue to raise the standards of classic luxury design as it has from the very beginning. Fans and interested shoppers can look forward to the arrival of the 2018 Cadillac XTS at your local Matteson Cadillac dealer later this year, and as always until then, you can count on plenty more updates, as well as expert answers to any questions you might have, right here at Arnie Bauer!

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