Classic Cadillac Concepts: “Standard of the World”

Looking for a reason for a vacation? How about a trip to Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance?

In March, nine of Cadillac’s most significant, impressive and trend-setting concept cars will be on display at this year’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.  Additionally, two other recent models will be on display.

Did we pique your interest?

Motor Trend is reporting that the Fleetwood Coupe deVille prototype, two 1953 LeMans Roadsters, 1953 El Dorado Special, 1956 Eldorado Brougham Town Car, 1959 Cyclone Concept, and 1961 El Dorado Chicago Auto Show car will be on display.  The more recent vehicles will include the 2002 Cien Concept and the 13.6-liter 1000-hp Sixteen Concept.

One of the most significant concepts that has made a huge difference in the way we travel, is the Cyclone. This is the first vehicle that used sliding doors, decades before they became a staple of the minivan.

It’s because of these concepts that Cadillac has become the “standard of the world.” This motto was bestowed on the brand in 1909 by the Royal Automobile Club. It was there that three cars won the RAC’s Dewer Trophy.

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Source: Motor Trend
Photos courtesy of Motor Trend.

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