Could You Live Without These Car Features?

With all of the new technology market, the add-on possibilities are numerous. If you are looking to save a few dollars, think about if you really need that car feature. At Arnie Bauer, we want you to be happy with the vehicle you leave the lot with.

GPS recently created a list of the top ten features you could live without. You tell us, can you live without these:

  1. In-Car Wireless Internet: An in-car internet connection can make those long road trips bearable, but with the cost of wireless routers, installation charges and monthly data packages, you might want to weigh the time you’d really spend in the car using wireless internet. Please don’t surf the web while driving.
  2. Paddle Shifters: Paddle shifters are available on many cars as a sport upgrade. They provide manual control of the transmission shifting.
  3. Larger Wheels: When you upgrade your wheels, you can change the entire look of your GMC, Cadillac or Buick. While you may love the look, keep in mind that the larger the tire, the higher the price to maintain them.
  4. Built-in Navigation Systems: Raise your hand if you use the navigation system in your car. With other options – including the smartphone in your pocket – the built in system may not be as necessary as you think.
  5. Cooled/Ventilated Seats: We love heated seats, especially during the cold, snowy winter months. A cooling option is now available. How many months would you really use this feature?
  6. Cooled and Heated Cupholders: We’d love to keep that morning coffee just a bit hotter during the commute. Is it worth the entire feature for you?
  7. Capacitive-Touch Controls: Those traditional knobs are gone and have been replaced with the touch control (thanks Apple). If you were to find a model with the traditional knobs, would you favor this feature?
  8. Blind Spot Protection: You were taught to check for your blind spots in driver’s ed. Nothing much has changed. Do you really need technology to help you with your blind spots?
  9. Ambient Lighting: Is a color change in your car worth the cost? Does ambiance matter?
  10. Rear Entertainment Systems: How often would you use the rear screens in your vehicle? We love the wireless headphones though!

Tell us, which of these features would you add onto your car and why? Post your responses on the Arnie Bauer Facebook page.


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