Crowdfunding Takes Cadillac to a New Peak


Ever have a brilliant idea but don’t have the funds to really get it started? Want to start a small company? Nowadays crowdfunding has become a popular way for anyone and everyone to raise money for almost every cause out there.

Websites such as Kickstarter give people a platform to present their goal, and gives others a chance to donate towards the cause. While most donors are passionate about the idea, others enjoy the rewards that come with donating. From a simple thank you to luxurious benefits, donors get a chance to fund a campaign and reap a reward in the process.

Now, for Keith Stegath, a new dream is on the horizon. Stegath, the owner of Advanced AV, is looking to raise $175,000 in order to get a Cadillac ELR race car on the hillclimb course at Pikes Peak. The annual automobile and motorcycle hillclimb race culminates at the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Stegath is hoping to get some assistance from Cadillac in the form of donated ELR vehicles. With a donation, Stegath would then upgrade the electric motor and pump up the battery packs to create the electric race car. At this time it’s unclear whether Stegath’s dreams will become a reality, but it’s not over yet. You can fund Stegath yourself and in the process earn a ride in the race car with a $10 donation. That is if you make it down to his shop in Gainesville, Florida. Are you really passionate about this project? A $500 donation will earn you a ride in the ELR race car down the Pikes Peak Course.

Looking to see what makes the Cadillac ELR so special? Stop into our showroom in Mattson to find out. Our sales team here at Arnie Bauer is always available to help!

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