CTS-V: The Fastest Cadillac Ever


There’s a reason the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V has rightfully earned the nickname “the four-door Corvette” from car lovers. The CTS-V is a supercharged CTS that comes equipped with the same 640 horsepower, 200 miles per hour V8 engine found in the Corvette Z06, making this midsize luxury sedan the fastest Cadillac ever.

With a sharp spoiler and a lattice grille on its carbon fiber hood, the CTS-V lets you know it’s fast before you even get in the driver’s seat. The interior of the CTS-V continues this sports car vibe with its racing-style seats, but their plush and spacious feeling means you won’t have to sacrifice any of the Cadillac comfort we’ve come to love for this level of power. And trust us—you’ll hear the power when that supercharged V8 growls to life.

The CTS-V does a spectacular job of pairing power with handling, and its tires grip the road as easily and smoothly as if magnets were pulling the car through twists and turns. This is enhanced by the car’s selectable drive mode feature, which allows drivers to adjust the suspension by choosing either from either touring, sport, snow and track modes. This allows the car to maintain an optimal level of comfort and safety during normal trips without sacrificing the ability to perform tight corner turn-in points and apexes when necessary.

While the new eight-speed automatic transmission can jettison the CTS-V up to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds, the car’s front-wheel Brembo brakes provide safety that’s worthy of any racecar. This is important since the CTS-V comes equipped with the largest rotors of any Cadillac on the market and drivers wouldn’t want to be replacing the brakes often (even if the CTS-V comes with a full four year/50,000 Cadillac warranty).

Car enthusiasts who enjoy sharing video of their time out on the track will be happy to hear that the CTS-V has an optional performance-data recorder that uses a built-in camera and microphone to record front-facing video and any audio in the cabin. Considering all of the buzz that this Cadillac has been creating, we’re sure it’s a ride you’ll want to share.

Although we don’t currently have any CTS-V’s in stock, please come see all of us at Arnie Bauer so that we can get you behind the wheel of one of our other CTS models or perhaps into any one of our other brand-new Cadillacs.

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