Do You Have Healthy Tires?

cadillac tiresMaintaining healthy tires is equally as important as maintaining the overall health of a vehicle. Tire health should be routinely checked, along with regular oil changes or other routine maintenance performed on a vehicle.

Maintaining proper tire pressure is important and is something that should be checked on a regular basis. Each automaker has recommendations for tire pressure and those recommendations should be followed as closely as possible. To ensure tires are properly inflated, purchasing a tire pressure gauge and using it weekly is the best practice.

Drivers should be aware of the amount of weight their vehicle is carrying. Overloading a vehicle can cause damage to tires and their rims. Just as vehicles have specifications for tire pressure, they also have a maximum load capacity. By avoiding adding too much weight to a vehicle, drivers can help maintain the health of their tires.

According to an article from, proper rotation and alignment are critical to tire health. Tires should be rotated every 5-7,000 miles to prevent uneven wear and tear. Having proper tread on tires is imperative to tire health and safety. The Department of Transportation suggests that the tread be measured by using a penny. Insert the penny into the tread with the head of Lincoln pointing downward. If the head isn’t covered, the tread isn’t deep enough and a new tire should be purchased. Additionally, having tires aligned every eighteen months can help prevent uneven wear and damage to tires.

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