Drive Safely This Halloween

It’s Halloween and there will be many ghosts and goblins trolling the roads looking for their share of treats. In some cases, their costumes can make it harder for a driver behind the wheel to see them in the crosswalks.

To prepare drivers, has compiled a list of simple – yet very important – tips to keep everyone safe this Halloween.

Slow Down in Residential Areas: It’s probably a good idea to drive under the speed limit on Halloween, especially in residential areas. This way, if a child suddenly darts into the street, you’ll be going slow enough to react in time.

Don’t Drink and Drive: This may seem obvious to many of you, but there are still people who think to get behind the wheel after a few drinks. If you plan on drinking at your Halloween party, call a taxi or arrange for a designated driver. If you are hosting and your guests try to drive, call them a cab, offer them the couch and take away their keys.

Be Aware of Reduced Visibility: Twilight is when many children head out to trick-or-treat. It just happens to be a bad time for visibility. The setting sun and oncoming dark can reduce your visibility. Watch for flashlights and reflective tape. Those sights aren’t your eyes playing tricks; they are children in costume.

The Arnie Bauer team wishes you a safe and happy Halloween!

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Photo courtesy of SimpliSafe

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