Duncan Aldred Takes Buick GMC By Storm Stateside and Beyond


It has only been a year since Duncan Aldred took over as the Buick and GMC sales and marketing executive. But in that short period of time, he’s made quite an impression on dealers across the United States. He tried a 16 percent cash-back offer for the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. He increased the supply of the Buick Encore crossover 50 percent. “That’s not a Buick!” sound familiar? Alfred was the one behind one of GMC’s most successful advertising campaigns to date.

However, the recent addition of the word ‘global’ on his title at GMC means Aldred will be in charge of marketing for the entire Buick brand, both stateside and otherwise. A huge focus of this title will go towards Chinese sales where Buick is expected to hit over one million dollars in sales before 2016. This is four times the number of sales in the US.

While dealers in the United States are hoping that Aldred keeps the states at the top of his priority list, it is speculated that when an executive has to take on a global market, they lose focus. Hopefully Aldred can keep Buick on the up-and-up as well as promote GMC without letting the U.S. market slip through anyone’s fingers.

Thankfully, Aldred feels that being a global executive will make it easier for him to curate the Buick experience and market it to potential buyers. Although, the global nature of his title doesn’t necessarily mean that China needs any help — their sales were number four in the country last year.

Along with the lease of the Buick Verano in China this week, Aldred will travel back and forth to make sure the internationality of the brand unites across all fronts. His main work will still be dedicated to the U.S. market where Buick sales have slowed down 4.5 percent since 2014. This can be attributed to their focus on sedans as the crossover SUV market is picking up for other brands.

Aldred knows there’s a lot to be done for Buick GMC to keep the brands relevant, and that includes putting more of a focus on Buick’s more popular vehicles — like the Buick Enclave. Whatever happens, the most important element for dealers in the US is that they aren’t neglected in the process of this shift.

While Buick certainly has their hands full with a number of GM-related developments going on across the globe, it’s never too busy to try out a Buick for yourself. Give Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Cadillac a call at (708) 720-7324 anytime to schedule a test drive or speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates about the new Buick models available at our dealership.



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