Family Bonding: GMC Style

How many of you have had great experiences in your car? Whether it be a family road trip or just the morning ride to school, the Arnie Bauer team has plenty of memories and we are sure you do as well.

We aren’t the only ones. We recently came across this great story about Sage and Eric Conner and their 1950 GMC truck.

Sage Conner spend her childhood admiring her dad’s 1950 Chevy Pickup – Rusty Bolts – and creating memories in it. Rusty Bolts was even there when Sage married her husband, Eric. One day, Sage’s dad sold Rusty Bolts and gone this vehicle was into the night.

Eric quickly picked up on Sage’s sadness and decided to surprise her with the Christmas present of a lifetime. He scoured the Internet to find a 1950 truck similar to Rusty Bolts. Three days before Christmas, a rusty 1950 GMC truck made its way to Craigslist. Eric purchased the car, drove it back to his shop and hid it until Christmas morning.

Sage was thrilled when she saw the truck and immediately wanted to create a new set of memories surrounding this vehicle. Together, Eric and Sage embarked on restoring Una Bella.

After stripping the car down, replacing the front half, changing out the power steering and replacing the missing parts, the Conner family was on the hunt for a bed to match the cab. They found it. This car is a beauty from the inside out. For the Eric and Sage, the year and a half they spent to restore Una Bella is worth the memories.

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