Fourth-Generation Escalade to be Dialed Back

Fans of the Cadillac Escalade will find the new model to be quite different than the automaker’s original 2006 model and its subsequent followers.

General Motors’ most expensive SUV on the market has been larger-than-life, making its way into rap songs, music videos and movies. Let’s not forget the number of celebrities we’ve seen behind the wheel of this vehicle. When compared to these models, the 2014/2015 Escalade will have a more down-to-earth feel.

At a media roundtable held yesterday, which was attended by Autoblog, Mark Reuss, General Motors’ North American President, laid out the changes to the design for the newest Escalade. The new model has been adapted to reflect the “permanent mindset change about what luxury looks like.”

While the new Escalade will be “understated yet elegant,” spy shots show that the design will still have a forceful presence that includes a massive front grille and large wheels.

Escalade fans who are holding out for the next model need not fret about these changes. The automaker has designed a much more upscale interior and did not change the height of the vehicle.  The Escalade will also remain a body-on-frame truck with V8 power with added efficiency.

With this new model, General Motors is hoping to broaden the spectrum of buyers with a combination of the vehicle’s features and a new marketing campaign, while still appealing to the core customers that helped establish the Escalade as one of Cadillac’s most recognizable names.

Are you excited about the new Cadillac Escalade? The Arnie Bauer team is and we can’t wait to have this redesigned beauty in stock!

Source: Autoblog

Photo courtesy of Autoblog.

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