Friday Safety Tip: Don’t Let Your Engine Overheat


Overheated Engine
There are many reasons that can cause your engine to overheat. So if you notice your vehicle is heating up at an unusual rate, remember these three aspects that overheating engines have in common.

Eric Kiyiti, a mechanic at Kampala Motors adds that, “The three aspects all overheating engines have in common is that the heating system cannot get rid of heat, there is loss of coolant or they directly cause too much heat in the engine.” Keep in mind there are many problems that can cause an engine to overheat. One problem may be with the pressure held by the radiator cap. Overheating can also be due to a problem with the radiator, hoses, or water pump. Another possibility can be problems in the exhaust system, which can be discovered by checking vacuum readings, pipes and the converter. Therefore, if you notice your engine starting to overheat, mechanics recommend you have your car regularly checked by a qualified mechanic.

If you ever think your engine is overheating, be sure to call an Arnie Bauer mechanic to  get the help you, and your car, need.

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