Future Forward: The Buick Velite Concept

Matteson Buick Dealer

For Buick, the last two years have been focused on refreshed innovation, with concept cars like the Avista and Avenir creating lots of buzz over their sleek, modern styling. Buick has shown that it’s still full of these surprises even at the end of 2016, with the carmaker unveiling another new concept at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China: the Buick Velite.

Same name, new focus

Buick fans may recall an earlier Velite concept from the 2004 New York International Auto Show that featured a four-seat, upscale convertible. The newest Velite maintains and even improves upon the sleek styling but ditches the convertible angle in order to focus on alternative-energy options.

At a glance, you’d never guess that the new Velite could be related to the previous concept, as the car’s low, sculpted body brings a fresh twist to Buick’s traditional image. Highly stylized and boomerang-shaped matrix LED headlights and modern slim grille make for an aggressive and sporty veneer, a good fit for the concept’s slated high-performance hybrid engine. This four-door Velite concept evokes the crossover power, speed and image that have become so popular in North America, potentially making it a very good and welcomed fit to future Buick lineups.

Inspired design

Developed by GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, Motor Trend reports that the Velite concept team “drew inspiration from water and traditional Chinese culture to create a vehicle that is efficient, intelligent and green.” It’s no wonder, then, that the concept debuted bathed in “Buick Blue” lighting, and that its interior will feature recycled materials.

Other known details include a panoramic roof, induction lighting, an intelligent mobile network, and a 360-degree intelligent traffic system that can provide safety features such as lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control and night vision.

As with all concepts, it’s difficult to say whether or not the Velite will be moved forward to production and if it would be available in both the U.S. and Chinese markets. However, the concept provides a clear indication of the route Buick intends to travel with its new designs, focusing on providing more alternatives to traditional gas-powered vehicles.

At Arnie Bauer, we have every confidence in Buick to continue to make great luxury cars and look forward to seeing the future of the Velite.

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