Get the Scoop on the Final Details of Soon-to-Arrive 2018 Buick Enclave

2018 Buick Enclave Boat

The new Buick lineup continues to shine both in the automotive media and in the minds of many satisfied new Buick drivers, who are continuing to turn out in large enough numbers to keep carrying the classic American mark into an exciting new era of unprecedented success. Unsurprising when compared to market trends, on the whole, is the fact that a large part of the credit for Buick’s successful resurgence lies with its fresh lineup of standout crossovers and SUVs, lead by the considerately well-equipped mid-size Enclave. Continuing a lineage that only seems to keep getting better, the 2018 Buick Enclave now looks to best itself in the expert combination of serious luxury accommodation, capable utility, and surprisingly friendly pricing.

Leading an Exceptional Pack

Shoppers looking for an outstanding balance of luxury and utility in a modern SUV won’t find themselves with many better options, as the three-row Enclave takes on the most dynamic of roads with ease thanks to a 3.6-liter, 302-horsepower V6 mated to a smooth-riding, efficiency-enhancing nine-speed transmission. It’s all done with a new sense of sophisticated styling both inside and out, too, as the newest Enclave arrives with subtle enhancements to its subtly muscular profile and an elegantly simplified yet thoroughly accommodating, high-quality interior. Whether experiencing the 2018 Enclave from the driver’s seat, from a block away or even with your eyes closed for a lengthy stay in the spacious rear seating, the experience remains equally satisfying.

More Features Than Room to List Them

Buick clearly made no sacrifices when providing a laundry list of features, which provide for a range of options between a library of trims. Of particular significance is the introduction of Buick’s Avenir trim, a sub-brand badge that will bring the best of Buick’s optional features to a new top trim slot for an increasing amount of its lineup. Essence and Premium trims present a host of features including leather seating, more smart safety features, additional climate control options, discounted all-wheel drive configuration, and a variety of second and third-row seating enhancements. Topping the trim ladder, the Enclave Avenir will deliver even more additional complements, including digital driver information display and dual sunroof.

A Timely Evolution for Classic Design

Standing face to face with the 2018 Enclave, it’s clear that the newest gem in Buick’s repertoire retains the classic essence of the company’s history while embracing a more discerning, intelligent modern sensibility. It’s only brought us the best Buick lineup yet, and you can be sure to find plenty more new on the standout 2018 Buick Enclave right here at the Arnie Bauer blog in no time. It’s soon to arrive wherever there are Buick vehicles for sale, and there’s never a better place to get started than Arnie Bauer when you’re seeking out the best stocked and most knowledgeable Mattison Buick dealer for ideal support. We’re always ready to make finding the best vehicle of your life easy, anytime!

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