GM Shares Plans for Growth and the New Buick Avenir Concept

buick concept avenir

As General Motors says goodbye to 2014 and welcomes in a new year, plans for the future seem more certain than ever before after a strong opening at the Detroit Auto Show. With a year of huge investments to come, Buick is putting its best foot forward with some ambitious plans and some amazing new vehicles.

General Motors is projecting some big goals for 2015. After a year of reflection, they’re jumping right out of the gate with their plans to steer the Buick brand in the right direction. By boosting capital spending 20%, or about $9 billion dollars, General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra recently was heard saying big profits should be expected this year.

Though Barra came to General Motors just last year, she has already been a commanding influence, one of her biggest achievements being the big reveal of a new electric prototype with a whopping 200 mile per charge range with a price tag estimated at $30,000. The prototype is anticipated to come to market in 2017, and the message sent by the new prototype came across as clear as day: Tesla isn’t going to hold anything over them.

But electric cars aren’t the only thing that stirred up excitement in Detroit. GM also revealed its stunning new concept for their flagship, the Buick Avenir, which won the 2015 Eyes on Design Award for “Best Concept Vehicle” at the North American International Auto Show.

And it looks exactly like it sounds: fresh. With a sweeping presence and gorgeous lines, the name Avenir couldn’t fit the flagship concept any better, as its French translation means “future”.

This vehicle truly supports the efforts of General Motors stated by Ed Wellburn at the auto show. General Motors goal is to recommit and get back to a focus of design and bold styling: “No brand will have a technology advantage for long,” said Wellburn showcasing the brand’s decision to focus on innovative design.

As we look forward to Buick’s future, we here at Arnie Bauer only see exciting possibilities ahead. So stop in and see us today to view our best selection of new and preowned vehicles!

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